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Astros fan

Signing 2005 Astros DVD for Brad Horn, Houston native and HOF staff

HOF Display

Picture of the balls and family photo in the Autumn Glory section of the HOF

HOF Display 2

Picture of the balls on display at the HOF


The Astros are headed to the World Series!!!

The ‘Stros strong performance in NLCS Game 6 wipes out all memories of NLCS Game 5, which was an awesome game to go to.  I was sitting in the 3rd deck, 2nd row behind home plate.  Minute Maid Park was buzzing with excitement until Albert Pujols hit a home run that probably would have landed in Conroe.

Congratulations to the Astros for coming back and winning Game 6 of the NLCS.  The whole city is buzzing with Astro-mania.  It is great for the fans and the team, especially Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell.

The Astros will come into this strong.  We will only have two days rest, whereas the White Sox have been off for a week.  The rotation is setup perfect having Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte starting in Chicago and then having Roy Oswalt and presumably Brandon Backe in games 3 and 4.  This is all setup to have Roy Oswalt, the best pitcher in the NL the last two year setup to go in Game 7, if necessary.  I don’t think it will go that far.  I think the Astros will win in 5 or 6.

It would be awesome to close it out at home after NLCS Game 5. 


Garner: Manager of the Year


Phil Garner has got to be the Manager of the Year.  He seems to be making all the right calls.  Whether it is switching Burke for Taveras or Burke for Lamb, his selections are paying off big time.  Also using Bruntlett late for defense and Taveras too (see catch on Tal’s Hill last night).

I am a little concerned about the umpiring tonight.  Tony LaRussa has been around the game a long time and his actions last night were meant to prove a point; although with the probable Cy Young award winner Carpenter going tonight, he may not need much help.  Garner did well getting his two cents in with the umpiring crew.

Nonetheless, I will be there tonight and will see the ‘Stros win big and go to their first World Series in franchise history.  Andy Pettitte will pitch a solid game and will beat Chris Carpenter.


Photos from a big day

I posted this Photo Album after today’s events at Minute Maid Park, where I presented the National Baseball Hall of Fame with the historic Lance Berkman and Chris Burke home run balls I caught. posted this Photo Gallery, and thanks to F. Carter Smith for the photography in that one. And here’s a column by’s John Schlegel on the event.

And here’s one for posterity:


Minute Maid Park

This is the view from our seats for NLCS Game 3, given to us by the Astros.

Lance, Chris, and Our Family

Here is us with Lance and Chris at the workout.

Lance Signs Tyler’s Baseball

Lance and Chris both signed Tyler’s baseball for his room.

Put Me In Coach

Phil Garner poses with Tyler and me.