This past summer, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum brought our family to Cooperstown to talk about our experience.  Any baseball fan who has never been to Cooperstown should definitely plan a visit.  It is anything and everything baseball, from many years before Babe Ruth to the present.  Even though the majority of the HOF collection is not on display ,the vast collection of items on display was amazing.  From the Grandstand Theater to the Hall of Fame Gallery, you see the entire history of baseball. 

Hof__040_1 The HOF invited me to participate in a "Sandlot Stories" program to talk about my experience.  The balls I caught and donated to the HOF are currently on display in the Autumn Glory section.   

Many people have asked what I received for donating the baseballs.  I never asked for anything, I just thought the HOF was their rightful place for the baseballs.  The Astros brought us out to a team workout during last year’s NLCS.  We met Roger Clemens and he signed my jersey and Tyler’s jersey and cap.  The Astros gave us tickets to Game 3 vs. the Cardinals and autographed clubhouse jerseys from Lance Berkman and Chris Burke.  Much thanks to Todd Fedewa for the great experience. 

Hof__102_2The Hall of Fame gave us lifetime passes and World Series tickets.  They also flew us to Cooperstown and put us up at the luxurious Otesaga Resort.  In addition to the regular HOF tour, which is neat in itself, we also got a behind the scenes tour.  We saw some pretty cool stuff, some of which is posted in my Hall of Fame photo album, as well as other pics from our trip.

Much thanks to Jeff Idelson and the HOF staff for making our trip to Cooperstown an experience our family will never forget.  This was the formal conclusion to this great baseball experience, although people still ask me about the catches.


Nice to have you back, stranger! Hope the past year has been treating you well.



Welcome back to The Show.

-The Baseball Collector

Shawn, I’d like to invite you to join a forum I’ve set up for Chris Burke Fans. We’d love to have be part of our group.

Go Chris!!!

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