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Minute Maid Park

This is the view from our seats for NLCS Game 3, given to us by the Astros.

Lance, Chris, and Our Family

Here is us with Lance and Chris at the workout.

Lance Signs Tyler’s Baseball

Lance and Chris both signed Tyler’s baseball for his room.

Put Me In Coach

Phil Garner poses with Tyler and me.

The Dean’s at BP

We got to watch the team take batting practice from the field.

Next Question Please

GM Tim Purpura and Jeff Idelson from the Baseball Hall of Fame joined me in answering questions.

The adventure begins…

Tyler and I pose before we go into Minute Maid Park.

Look what I found

Brandi poses with the baseballs.

The Trash-Can Lid

Me and my “trash-can lid” glove from high school.

Father and Son

Mom takes a picture of us with the baseballs.