Photos from a big day

I posted this Photo Album after today’s events at Minute Maid Park, where I presented the National Baseball Hall of Fame with the historic Lance Berkman and Chris Burke home run balls I caught. posted this Photo Gallery, and thanks to F. Carter Smith for the photography in that one. And here’s a column by’s John Schlegel on the event.

And here’s one for posterity:



Absolutely incredible. You’re living my dream.

I’ll be looking for you on TV when Game 3 starts up in a few hours…

I believe that Zack’s dream was to attend batting practice…

Anyway, although I am a Dodger fan, I would like to congradulate you on your historic day at Minute Maid. I am really happy that someone as kind and generous as you caught those two balls by Burke and Berkman. I am also amazed how you gave the two baseballs back to Cooperstown so that all of the baseball fans in the world could enjoy it. I have been reading your blog around a bit, and I’ve seen some comments where some people have insulted you for not selling those baseballs. Well, I think it was the right thing to do to give them back, and I’m sure that you won’t regret it. I’m sure that you’ll be lucky again, since you have done a good deed…

I just wanted to say congrats from a true white sox fan to u man… i am happy for u, and i wish the same thing happen to me, lol…. i think everyone hopes that the same thing happens to them, so anyway enjoy yourself man,,,.. u r a star now..

From one father with (a) baseball-loving son(s) to another:
Thank you!

Man are you lucky for my whole entire life i have been wanting to meet the astros at least go to a game anything. I have the most astros gear that i know of anyone having. And you got to TOUCH the astros freakin’ lucky.

Man are you lucky for my whole entire life i have been wanting to meet the astros at least go to a game anything. I have the most astros gear that i know of anyone having. And you got to TOUCH the astros freakin’ lucky.

Thanks Shaun for bringing some honor back to the game. When so many ‘fans’ would sell the balls, I think you are a tremendous young man with some truely outstanding values to give the balls back to the guys that hit them – that is being a true fan of the game as it used to be. Kudos from a Red Sox fan of 50 years. We broke our string last year – ‘Stros and White Sox in the Series this year! You will be repaid throughout your lifetime for the thoughtfulness you’ve showed this past week.

Sometimes being unselfish has it’s rewards. It seems everyone finds it refreshing to see someone not so money hungry when the opportunity is there. The baseballs are material things and although great to have, the memories of this experience will last forever. Seems like you’ll have plenty of pics of the baseballs anyway. Great story!


hey shaun. I would like to congratulate you for returning the ball to the hall of fame. Thats a very good thing to do and the whole country is happy with your desicion. E-Mail me back dude! Go ‘stros


Dear Son,

As your mother I could not be more proud of you. As always, you did the right thing. Your love for sports, especially baseball, has always been a part of your life and I am so happy that God gave you a chance of a lifetime. There seems to be two opinions about what you should have done with the balls,but you followed your heart. Without saying a word, you taught Tyler the greatest lesson of his life. He will always be able to look back on this day and know that his dad had a choice to make and that you chose Integrity over materialism. Wisdom is knowing which road to take, but Integrity is taking the right road. It blesses me so much that you are a man of Integrity and that you are my son. I love you!!! Mom

Great story! It’s funny people trying to justify why you did something that back int he day was the normal thing to do. Catch a historic ball and give it back to the player. We use to love when the players played for the “Love of the game”. Well, doesn’t it go both ways? It’s just as cool when fans are in it for the love of the game. I’m sure the story you have Shaun, is the most important thing. I have a similar story, by all means not as dramatic as yours but still a “Glory Story”. I told mine on they will post it for ever. You should do the same, your story is as great as the game of Baseball.

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