Garner: Manager of the Year


Phil Garner has got to be the Manager of the Year.  He seems to be making all the right calls.  Whether it is switching Burke for Taveras or Burke for Lamb, his selections are paying off big time.  Also using Bruntlett late for defense and Taveras too (see catch on Tal’s Hill last night).

I am a little concerned about the umpiring tonight.  Tony LaRussa has been around the game a long time and his actions last night were meant to prove a point; although with the probable Cy Young award winner Carpenter going tonight, he may not need much help.  Garner did well getting his two cents in with the umpiring crew.

Nonetheless, I will be there tonight and will see the ‘Stros win big and go to their first World Series in franchise history.  Andy Pettitte will pitch a solid game and will beat Chris Carpenter.





Ugh i’m so bummed right now. I think i’m gonna have another sleepless night. I hope they can win in St. Louis Misery.I just wish i had tickets to games 6 and 7.Go astros Go kick some *** in St. Louis.

Oh man… that was the definition of heart break.

LET’S GO STROS! We’re gonna take game 6!

I am a Missourian only by default, but everywhere I go I want to puke when I see all of these Pujols jerseys and Cards penants. I cant believe our misfortune last night. If Eckstein likes to take the hit so much, just make him go down. I have never missed living in Texas as much as I do right now. I just want to remain peaceful until the Stros KILL them tonight. I love the Astros!!!!!!!


It was in the true spirit of baseball that you gave those homerun balls back to the Astro organization. I applaud your decision. It is the sign of a true and dedicated fan of the Astros and baseball. I am devastated about the game last night but I know that the Astros can pull out a win. We need to support the team in a bigger way than we ever have before. We have to let them know that we are behind them and while it was a tough loss, that WE ARE THE ASTROS AND WE ARE GOING TO WIN!!!!! I am ashamed of the Houston Chronicle and I think they need to remove “Houston” from the name of their paper. They never write favorably about any of our sports team. I have on my Astro gear and have my Astro decorations on and around my desk. A true fan has to stick with their team through thick and thin. A true team will be rewarded!!! GO ASTROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It´s time to support our astros more thaen ever. Definitely it really hurt yesterday, but keep in mind that we´ve outplayed the little birds from games 2 through 5.

It´s time to demostrate how tough the Astros are, and the essence of champions they have.

By the way….we hate the little birds.

Alex Martin from Mexico City.

As a native Houstonian, I’ve been waiting for this moment in time since I was 12 and started following the Astros. I am now living in the New Orleans area and I am positive Houston will win this to go on to the Series. The city has reached out to so many displaced New Orleanians. Houston deserves this and they’ve earned some good fortune. So forget about last night’s game. It’s over. The boys need our positive energy now. We’re going to pull this off. I know it. Keep the faith.

Looks like you needed to be on Crawford Avenue to catch that one last night. GO CARDS!!!!!!! On another note, a very nice gesture Shaun. Cooperstown is a great place full of nostalga, and magic. Your donation is sure to be a great addition. Thanks for being a great baseball fan. MEET ME IN ST. LOUIE……. IT’s gonna be a great I-55 series.


First and foremost, A BIG TEXAS THANKS for “steppin’ up to the plate” and giving those baseballs to Cooperstown. That was truly one of the most selflessness things I have ever seen. In this day and age where most people are trying to capitalize on situations like that, here you are, doing the RIGHT thing.

I don’t know how many more games like the 18th inning marathon, or Monday nights crushing 9th inning loss, I can take! I was sitting in left center field for Game 16 back in 1986. The good ol’ Astrodome shook, up until the Mets homered in the 16th. I was about 30 feet from that dinger so I can only imagine how exciting it must have been to catch not only one, but two, of those history-in-the-making balls. I never would have imagined I would experience anything as exciting as that 16 inning game, that is, until this NLCS. Based on all the stats and switches in that 18 inning game, I believe it was the greatest game EVER played.

Since the devastation from Katrina, I have NEVER been prouder to be a Houstonian. This city stepped up in ways no other city ever has. I believe it is fate that the Astros go on to the WS…and win. It is true what is said, God works in mysterious ways. BELIEVE!!! GO STROS!!!


hey, ima huge astros fan, since I was like 9 years old, im not american, im mexican, i’ve never been into houston, or any closer… but i’ve followed astros very much, im turning 19 on october 29, and for real, this is a great present for me, my favorite team 9 years ago, goin 4 the first time to a WS… and i know my real present will be Astros beating WhiteSox in game 6 (October 29, well i know, all of u want the series to be done at game 5 cuz u’ll be at houston, but anyways, no matter how games it will be, astros will win)
cant describe how i feel right now, watching games with my friends… i think everyone in here are st. louis fans… but my parents, cousin and I, like the astros very much… the best luck for them at this World Series, they’re gonna beat Chicago! 😀

sorry do the math wrong, 10 years ago, lol…

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